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Friday, December 26, 2014

My Holidays Nails [NOTD]

(^_^) Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrated it..

Holidays Christmas Nail Art

I didn't celebrated christmas because I'm muslim, but I love everything about this holidays season! So, my today nails is all about the holidays season spirits (in my thoughts, hehehe)

Holidays Christmas Nail Art
Indoor with lamp lighting, My lil' Xmas tree is glowing, hehehe 

I use Misslyn nail polish for the base, ugh I forget the shade name but it's a beautiful red shade, it's also very quick dry, I just love it <3 I will review the details about this pretty nail polish in another post!

Holidays Christmas Nail Art
Outside with sun lighting, well it's a lil bit messy but I love my lil' Xmas tree <3

Other tools I use is small nail brush, white nail polish, black nail polish, gold glitter nail polish, tops coat, silver & gold nail tape, & some beads. Actually this Holidays nail art is very simple, but sorry I didn't take the step-by-step picture (>_<) I was busy baking cookies while I do this nails, and the result is my top coat polish a lil' bit scratchy, hahaha.

Holidays Christmas Nail Art

Yayyyyy,,that's all my Holiday Nails, what do you think about it???
And what about your Holidays nails?
Leave a comment with your link, I would love to see yours <3

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blue Mermaid Makeup

(^_^)/ Moshi-moshi, let me introduce myself. 
I am a princess mermaid from Okinawa, Japan who were stranded into Indonesia. hahahaha :-p

Mermaid Skin Makeup

You will be surprised with what I use to make this blue mermaid makeup & how easy is this. I will not talk much, halloween is coming very-very soon, you can do this makeup in just 1 hour! 

Just check my tutorial below (^_~)*
Mermaid Skin Makeup tutorial
What you need:
- Fishnet stocking / wig caps
- Blue eyeshadow palette (I use NYX Love In Rio)
- Foundation & basic makeup
- Small rhinestones / pearl

1. First wear a foundation & a base makeup. Place fishnet stocking / wig caps over your head (look at the photo, yeaah I look so silly, hahaha) 
2. Apply blue eyeshadow with finger or sponge over your face. Add lighter shades or white eyeshadow to create ombre color. 

3. Gently pull off the fishnet stocking / wig caps from your head. Tadaaaa....you have a mermaid skin now!

After that you can do other makeup, use blue eyebrow pencil/eyeshadow for the eyebrow, add blue eyeshadow to the bottom of the eyes and for nose shading, wear false eyelashes. I didnt wear loose powder but I sweep a powder brush to all over my face so my skin looks more blueish.

Last part, add glitter or any small crystal rhinestones / diamonds / pearl in order to increase the effect like The Princess Mermaid (^_^) <3

Mermaid Skin Makeup

I use eyelash glue to stick the rhinestones, I also add glitter to my false eyelashes so they looks more pretty. Requires a little patience to stick rhinestones one by one but believe me you will love the result!

 Oh I almost forget, I use eyeshadow for the lips, creating the same ombre color like the 'mermaid skin'. I use eyeshadow because I don't have blue lipstick *I wish I have one* :-p 

Mermaid Skin Makeup

You can also do the mermaid skin trick for neck and all over your body if you want it. Just remember to hold your fishnet stocking / wig caps when you apply the eyeshadow.

Mermaid Skin Makeup

Makeup finished, now just wearing a mermaid costume and swim to the ocean! ahahaha

Happy swimming! Upsssss....Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Half Skull Face Makeup

 oooohhhh..what happen to my face???
Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Half Skull Face Makeup

I can't get out with this half pretty & half skull face...can I?
Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Half Skull Face Makeup

Well...off course I can (^_^) 
Is another Halloween makeup inspiration from me, Half Skull Face!

Lately I loved to do makeup like this, not only because halloween is coming soon, I just love it! xixixixi

But someone is not really like it, in fact: hate it! :-p
 I give the looks of innocent when my hubby coming home, he really suprised.....and hate it. He said "Oh nooo, not again, another creepy personality of you"
Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Half Skull Face Makeup

Half skull makeup is really easy to do, too bad I didn't take picture when doing this makeup (>_<) My hand is full with brush..huhuhu

First I use foundation, and by using an eyebrow pencil I made ​​a straight line in the middle of the face. I do normal makeup on the left side, compact powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, false eyelashes, eyebrow mascara, lipstick & blush on.
Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Half Skull Face Makeup
On the right side or the skull side, for the white base I use baby powder mixed with a little water until the texture becomes like creams. Then I draw the cracks part, eyes & nose area with stylo eyeliner pen and fill in the black with eyeliner gel. I'm not good at drawing, that drawings tooth skull was not a creepy skull not but a silly one, ahahaha. 

To make it look more dramatic I use two different colors of contact lenses.
Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Half Skull Face Makeup

You can do Half Skull Face makeup for halloween party without looking too creepy, at least you still can looks pretty on the half side, lol :-p

I still looks pretty right?? right?? right?? xixixixixixi *evils laugh*
   Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Half Skull Face Makeup

You can check my other Halloween Makeup here:
- The devils queen
- The broken dolls

- Ripped mouth zombie

Halloween is coming very soon, I still have a lot of other makeup ideas, so little time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Roller Coaster Of Life

Yesterday is my big day!
19 October 12 years ago I married a man who is very-very lucky to get my (lol) :-p

The 'bed' cake & cupcake made by me (^_^)
Time goes so fast...there was already 12 years I lived with him, a man who is very responsible, kind, humorous, although he is not a romantic guy who likes to give flowers (he even never gave flower to me! haha) but he was very attentive to me, all the big & small attention really made ​​me fall in love with him every day.

I married in a very young age, not by necessity but because of love <3
Married in young age is not easy, he had to quit college because he have to work to provide our family, I didnt go to college because I must take care our babies (I have 2 handsome boys <3 The babies is already grow up know, The boys is Viqie 9th & Virgie 7th). Lots of people were gossiping about us, even our relatives and family was doubtful about our relationship! But we do not want to bother, we remain focused on our relationship, we managed independently and prove to everyone that getting married at a young age can also survive a long time.

My hubby is also a loving father, he spends a lot of time to play with the boys. Although I knew he was tired after work but he still took the time to just joking around with the boys and he never forget to hug them before sleep! This is why I love her so much, a little attention from him is extremely valuable for me and the boys.

Quotes for my Hubby...

“I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is my best day in my life. In 12 years together we've shared so many things. Some tearful times along lifes way, some joys that cant be measured. Our marriage is not easy, many underestimate married at a young age will easily divorced but we managed to prove that our love is stronger than all the existing problems. 12 years of twists, turns, ups, downs, highs, lows. Our marriage is like a roller coaster. But I really enjoying ride this roller coaster of life with you, let's take another ride for the next 12 years and more!”


we are not a perfect couple, sometimes we still like to argue, sometimes i hate him for no reason (lol, this is so silly but true!), sometimes people still gossiping us, sometimes people didn't believe we already married for a long time, sometimes it's really hard and sometimes I cry, but this is all just a bit of a challenge from the roller coaster of life! 

We will continue to maintain this relationship until death separates us <3